GAYLA EARLENE - Singer/Songwriter
"Keeping CHRIST In Our Country"


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Songs written by Gayla Earlene, BMI, Claudette Kiely, BMI, Randy Hardison, ASCAP, Geron Davis, ASCAP

Published by: Crain 3G Music Publishing, BMI

Producers: Gene Crain & Chip Bricker

Track Title Time Lyrics Listen Download
1 7/24/365 3:48   Download song
2 OMG 3:56   Download song
3 A Heart Is Never Too Small To Break 3:57   Download song
4 Oh To See Him 3:44   Download song
5 I'm Alive 3:40   Download song
6 The Day The Planes Came 3:19   Download song
7 Let Me Love You Through Eternity 3:10   Download song
8 Thank You Lord 3:45   Download song
9 How Great Thou Art 3:54   Download song
10 On Holy Ground 4:57